What is the Spatty? drop shadow


    • e-bay Buyer: w00zle

    Works perfectly, Thank you. AAAAAAA+++++++                                   

    • e-bay Buyer: *crystal*rose*

    AMAZING PRODUCT and Excellent transaction!!                                      

    • e-bay Buyer: dcoh5447

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    • e-bay Buyer: eautotuning

    I was able to get out 100% of my most expensive facal products. I love it!

    • Donna F.

    I use my Spatty to get out medicated cream for diaper rash. I can not believe how much product the Spatty is able to get out! I love this product!

    • Tina G.

    I can not believe how well it works. I got an extra weeks worth of makeup by using the Spatty!

    • Gail D.

    I can not believe how much product I threw away before I started using the Spatty and Spatty Daddy.

    • Angela R.

    I use to cut my lotion bottles in half to get the rest of my lotion out. I hate wasting my lotion. The Spatty Daddy works perfectly! No more cutting my bottles or wasting expensive lotion!

    • Tonya W.