What is the Spatty? drop shadow

Pink Spatty

The Spatty is a money saving tool that will provide the consumer with every last drop of their product.  The Spatty is able to go inside small openings where no other tool on the market can go. Tired of throwing away your expensive beauty products such as makeup foundation, eye creams, face lotion, etc when it is no longer easy to get out. Consumer Reports did a study that shows you throw away 15-25% of  lotion like consistencies when it is no longer easy to get out. Think about how much money you are throwing into the trash. The Spatty will allow you to get all of your product and save you money. It is also inexpensive. The Spatty can also be used to help with decorating the details on cakes/cookies/etc. What is not to love about this revolutionary tool! 

 The Spatty is 6 inches long.

*Contains small parts. Keep out of reach of young children.