What is the Spatty? drop shadow

Pink Spatty Daddy

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The Spatty Daddy is a larger version of the Spatty. The Spatty Daddy allows the consumer to get every last drop of their product. The Spatty Daddy is used to get the remainder of products out (i.e. shampoo, body lotion, mustard, etc.) when they are no longer easy to get out. Consumer Reports did a study that shows you throw away 17-25% of lotion like consistency products when they are no longer easy to get out. Quit throwing your product and hard earned money into the trash.  What is not to love about this revolutionary tool! Get the inexpensive, money saving, green, versatile tool that will give you the ability to get all of your product and thereby saving you money!

The Spatty Daddy is 12 inches long.

*Contains small parts. Keep out of reach of young children.